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TTA - Tank Terminal Automation

TTA - Tank Terminal Automation

Global solution for tank farms
TTA contains all organizational components which occur in a tank farm. This starts with inventory accounting and the administration of the tax book and ends with the automated loading process. All technical systems which are necessary and implemented for the administration and surveillance in the tank farm can be connected to TTA and it also visualizes the loading process on screen. 
The integrated communication solutions provide an effective data exchange with:



  Public authorities

  and several more.

Measurement technology

Several measurement techniques are connected to TTA.
AFIS does team up with the following manufacturers:  





  HORN Tecalemit


  Mess- und Fördertechnik

  Schenck Process Waagen




Detailed visualization
An embedded visualization provides all staff members an overview of the most important plant components. The user can obtain detailed information regarding the linked-up measurement technology as well as the sequence of processes at the loading platforms. All essential functions required for the maintenance of the loading operation may be retrieved by an integrated form. The user does not have to switch between different forms.
Authorized inventory management
The inventory management fulfills all requirements for a proper accounting. It has already been audited and approved by both customs and financial authorities of several countries. An easy handling and an intensive linkage of technical installations will allow the user to avoid manual entries and therefore reduce sources of error. Corrections can be conducted very easily. The web interface allows partners and customers to retrieve and update further information.


WebTTA - Solution for small tank farms

Automation of small tank farms 
Tank farms of larger size feature an automation of all processes. Smaller tank farms, however, are often lacking fully automated handling. Especially at small tank farms, the budget for IT resp. automisation is limited. Therefore, the scale of automation is kept at a minimum level to avoid future costs for hardware or software upgrades. In most instances, the staff is primarily specialized in the technology of the tank farm rather than having further knowledge of the commercial operation and IT skills.  
WebTTATM combines automation and lean organisation. On the one hand technology, such as electronic meters or dialogue systems are connected to, on the other hand all quantity movements are being recorded.


WebTTATM addresses the issues which stand out due to the missing automation.

  Handling of stock and tank management

  Connection to electronic meters

  Printing of shipping documents

  Daily and monthly lists in pdf format

  Daily data package for export to third party applications e.g. ERP 

  Identification of driver and vehicle including verification

WebTTATM does offer the following advantages: 

  Automatization of several manual processes

  Easy integration of external loading

  Fast verification of current stock


tank truck loading per day


tanks connected


reports per day sent to customers automatically


languages for driver handling at the same time

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