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AFIS - Aircraft Fueling Information System

AFIS - Aircraft Fueling Information System

Dispatching at airports
An efficient handling of orders at major airports, such as i.e.: Amsterdam, Munich, Zurich, and Shanghai may only be ensured while applying a sophisticated scheduling.
AFIS assists the dispatcher in the best possible way. All important information is graphically displayed. The system's link-up to the airport, to the vehicles and to the airline enables the dispatcher to centrally obtain any information on each flight online. That way, he may immediately react to any changes which might occur.

In cooperation with users, statistics have been designed and are available to anyone using AFIS. Newly drawn up statistics by users may smoothly be embedded into AFIS.

AFIS is the software solution for the optimization of:

  the aircraft fueling. Via the interface to the flight schedule, all data is always up to date. Time and volume changes can also be added to the system manually and therefore reduces the reaction times significantly

  the connection of the tank trucks. The meter data can be transferred from the truck to the head office via the online transfer right away.

  the service charges (accounting for services ) at the airport. The data is available in the system electronically. The invoice can be printed right away.

  the vehicle and manpower resource planning at the airport.

AFIS Mobile Star

The AFIS system is accompanied by the Mobile Star application. The solution runs on any modern smart device. This application allows to retrieve and to handle the orders. All information is being returned to the central system which can be operated in the cloud or on-premise. E-ticketing and paperless handling are only two of many features of Mobile Star. 

AFIS Fuel Portal

Entry of 

  Minimum fuel.
  Block fuel.
  No fuel indicator. 


Roles and rights concept.

The version is optimized for mobile devices.


flights per day


connected vehicles

Happy Clients!

„Skytanking has implemented the AFIS software at various larger airports throughout Germany, Switzer- land and Austria. At these airports, the software
is very much at the center of our operation and provides not only dispatching but also seamless end- to-end data integration from receiving the fuel order up to invoicing our customers. Once implemented, we see significant improvements in many operational and administrational processes. Furthermore, AFIS provides excellent support by having in-depth industry knowledge and relevant experience.

We would recommend AFIS at any time.“

— Christoph Lindke
Managing Director Skytanking in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

„The project implementation was great and the workflows are all running smoothly.“

— Dirk B. Weigand
Head of Sales Aviation for TOTAL Deutschland

„The IT solutions from AFIS/MINOVA play an important role in the supply chain of the LH Group. AFIS/MINOVA is a longtime and reliable partner, whose cooperation, competence and service can always be relied on.“

— Heiko Teerling
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, HAM FH/F Corporate Fuel Management
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